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Care of your custom items

Most of the items that we offer are hand embellished, and it is very important to take special precautions with washing!  We have some recommendations and helpful tips for keeping your garments looking their best!


  ~Generally, for tough stains, spot treat with your favorite "stain spot treater".  However, embellishments can be sensitive to detergents and temperatures.  We recommend only spot treatments on the white cotton items (bodysuits, burp cloths, bibs, bloomers, etc.).  Fabrics, ribbons, and threads can be damaged by bleaching agents or heavy duty stain treatments.


For best results, it's necessary to be gentle!  Turn your garment inside out and/or place in a lingerie bag.  ONLY wash in the handwash cycle for a very short cycle.  Use cold water and mild detergent, if any.  Some ribbons that we use are more sensitive to water, and the printing can be affected if emersed in water for more than 10 minutes.  Most ribbons that we use can withstand heavy duty bleaching, but we think it's best to be cautious!  Lay flat to dry, and iron cotton only.  Ironing of ribbons, specialty fabrics (chenille), and threads can melt and damage those embellishments (and your iron!!).

We've been selective when choosing our baby blanks.  The 100% ringspun cotton products that we use are very high quality, and as a result, washing those tough stains is much easier because of the high quality and thick cotton.

~Special Items~

It's tough to get stains out of some items, whether they are purchased from us or elsewhere.  Bibs and burp cloths can be tricky!  Keep in mind that bleaching is usually necessary to get baby food stains and formula stains out of fabric.  We can't recommend that you bleach our ribbons and cotton fabrics used for embellishing.  For best results, use a lingerie bag for washing.


We're parents!  With our babies and your babies in mind, we sew our ribbons and bows onto our products with secure stitching.  The method that we use for our bow construction and attachment combines safety and a pleasing esthetic appearance.  After we attach our bow to your custom item, we give it a heavy tug to make it nice and fluffy and to check security.  During transit and after washing, your bow may lose it's fluff and dimension.  Give it a good tug by pulling the top layer up and the bottom layer down.  Feel free to pull hard!!!  It's secure!  We test that before we send it out of our studio.

~Some bow tips~

**When your items arrives, just give the bow a nice tug to refluff. 

**After washing, give your bow a nice tug while the ribbons are still wet.  That'll help them dry in that position.

**You can spray starch your bow to keep in it better position, but we don't use any chemicals here at our studio.  That's an option for you! (no starch on black or dark ribbons!  It shows!!)

**Our bow ends are all heat sealed before we ship.  Even after a few washings, the heat sealing may need to be touched up!  It's easy!  Who likes to see that frayed edge???  Hold the edge of the ribbon between your thumb and index finger (one ribbon at a time), and use a lighter to heat seal the edges.  PLEASE use caution, and don't do it while a fan is running!!  It takes a very quick zip of that flame to get the edges sealed!  Practice on another piece of grosgrain ribbon if you're unsure.  We don't want the item to go up in flames!!

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